Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Ghost of Council Past

It is almost like a Fayetteville flashback to the days when Fred Hanna ran the city as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chamber of Cowbirds. Insurance salesman and former Alderman Bob Davis has resurfaced in city politics with a formal coming out party last week when Republican businessman Jeff Koenig announced for mayor.

Davis was quoted in today's Morning News putting forth his own plan for improving traffic on Crossover Road. He says we should scrap all that crap like a landscaped median and bike lanes that the Council approved earlier this year after overwhelming citizen support at public hearings and that was reaffirmed by the Street Committee just last month. "Let's go back to four lanes and see how far the dollars will stretch," Davis argued. "We might be better off if we could just have a four-lane road with turn lanes where needed."

Bob Davis at one time represented Ward Three, where the Crossover Road improvements are planned, but he resigned the seat when he moved to a big new house in Ward One. He then immediately filed to run against Ward One Alderman Brenda Thiel, who trounced him 56% to 43% in 2004. Looks like Davis is wanting to get back in city government and be a part of Koenig's team, but he'll have to beat Thiel to get there and implement his massive pavement plan.

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