Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Humbugger of the Day

"The Tyson Mexican Original Performing Arts Center. What do you think? Sound fancy enough to attract the attention of those big-name Broadway shows? Probably not....

"The city of Fayetteville - as in city government - doesn't need to be looking for another cause to support financially. Aldermen are right to see this as a great opportunity - but the City Council must be forward thinking, and willing to explore all the possible uses of this space. Don't forget, Fayetteville once spent $1.1 million to buy the building. City leaders owe it to the community to try and get the most bang for its buck, so to speak. Perhaps even a tax-paying company in there....

"Readers might further recall a time when the structure was supposed to be remodeled for police and fire stations and the city court system. Such grandiose plans have long since fallen by the wayside. At this point it sounds like the city doesn't know what to do with its $1.1 million investment.

"If the city believes this is the best idea out there, then fine. Like education, promoting the arts can never be a horrible idea. But the city’s finances are stretched thin....We’re tired of watching little or nothing come from all these wonderful ideas different organizations keep putting out there."

Editorial, "A Great Idea," Northwest Arkansas Times

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