Saturday, December 22, 2007

Advisory Committee for Advisory Committee

I enjoy the arts scene in Fayetteville as much as anyone. Some of my best friends are artists. Not only are they artsy, but they are entertaining. Like this week when the fledgling Fayetteville Arts Council decided it needed to form an advisory committee to foster communication between the arts community and local businesses. That's entertainment, as they say.

The City Council once considered allocating a "business" slot on the Arts Council, but in the end they did not guarantee representation by either the Chamber or any other special interest group. Not a single "business" person applied for membership on the Arts Council. Not one. So now the group is considering creating an advisory committee of business interests to advise the advisory Arts Council. If that's what they want, why don't they just ask the Chamber of Cowbirds? They'll take credit for "everything that makes Fayetteville great." Especially if they don't have to go through the formal application and appointment process or have to do any real work.

But why stop there? Maybe the Arts Council should also form advisory committees "to foster communication between the arts community and the" student community, the labor community, the homeless community, the retail community, the gay community, the black community, the Hispanic community, the industrial community, the environmental community, the consultant community, the developer community, the elderly community, the religious community, the veterans community, the hunting community, the fishing community, the paintball community, the militia community. Or, they could just do the job they were appointed to do.

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