Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Quote of the Day

"Predictability is good. And impact fees need to be a part of that predictability. Developers need the predictability of knowing that infrastructure will be there to make possible their development. Developers need the predictability of a high quality of life that creates the demand for the projects they develop. I suspect that the “predictability” argument is a smokescreen for the real issue of who shall pay for that infrastructure. Remember that if growth paid its own way, we would be rich. Instead of getting rich, Fayetteville has had to increase sales tax rates in order to continue to subsidize development. The business environment needs to be predictable, but it also needs to be fair. The residents are paying more than their fair share. The developers should either pay their own way or find another way to make a living."

--Steve Frankenberger, “Impact Fees Are Part of the Answer,” Letter to the Editor of the
Northwest Arkansas Times

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