Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Quote of the Day

“Already a part of our present-day reality are the tow trucks that prey on those who have broken the rules and parked in one of those private lots without paying. I was having drinks a few weeks ago on West Avenue and watched as the same tow truck searched the same premises on several occasions. He got lucky a couple of times….

“Is this really the kind of town Fayetteville wants to be? People tell me all the time not to worry, that it’s for the best…. Something else I’m fairly regularly told is this: Rich people who own the private lots in the Dickson Street area have every right to get more rich by charging people to park there….

“Even University Baptist Church has gotten in on the act. A few months ago the church decided to convert about 322 spaces to paid parking. Hallelujah! If we’re very lucky, maybe someday all of the public parking spaces in all of Fayetteville will become paid parking.”

--Scott Shackelford, “The Price of Growth,” Northwest Arkansas Times

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