Thursday, July 5, 2007

Laughing at Lowell

Lowell Alderman Ted Morrall resigned from the Ward 1, Position 2 seat in April. Now, Alderman Shawn Ingram has resigned from Lowell's Ward 4, Position 2 council seat to take a very well-paid position with the city as director of engineering and parks projects. The remaining City Council members will choose a replacement for Ingram next week, and it is sure to be a laugh riot or a familiar tragedy.

With incumbents bailing at such a rate, it is surprising that the seats are in such demand. Six people have indicated they want to be anointed--Paula Allred, Ronnie Breland, Eric Haussermann, Betty Pritchett, Guy Schumaker and Curtis Waggoner. Here's the good part. Breland, Haussermann, Schumaker, and Waggoner have all run for the office before and have been rejected by the voters at the polls. Pritchett's husband is a city employee, which presents a conflict of interest. Allred is a Vice President of ANB Financial who claims to be "representative of the average Lowell resident."

Maybe it doesn't matter who is on the Lowell City Council. Remember, this is the town that buys stagecoaches and rents heavy equipment with taxpayer dollars then uses neither.

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