Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Truth, Consequences, and City Plan 2025

Developer Dan complained last week that his well-paid bureaucrats were down in the dumps because the Planning Commission or the City Council or someone kept changing policies about approving big real estate developments out on the edge of town. Now the truth comes out, it is City Planner Andrew Garner who is responsible for rejecting revisions and who recommended blocking approval of a big Jim Lindsey development of more that 1,200 housing units out at Wedington and Rupple Road that would go in without any road impact fees.

Lindsey’s lawyer told the Planning Commission that they should ignore the City Plan 2025 and just go ahead and approve the project anyway. Even with the support and vote of real estate agent and planning commissioner Sean Trumbo, the proposal got only three votes from the 9-member Planning Commission.

After being turned down, Jim Lindsey said he would appeal the denial to the City Council. He can probably count on support from Adella Gray, Brenda Thiel, Bobby Ferrell, and Robert Rhodes, since it does not affect their "better" neighborhoods, then Developer Dan will vote to break the tie in favor of developer Lindsey’s latest big project.

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