Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Purge

No one mentioned the tactics of Joseph Stalin in eliminating all opposition in the old Soviet Union, but Fayetteville citizens saw a small version of it at last night's City Council meeting. The Council voted 5-3 to reappoint Planning Commissioner Candy Clark, then Developer Dan vetoed the appointment. The mayor's complaint? Clark is an assertive woman who speaks her mind and sometimes disagrees with the recommendations of his paid staff. Developer Dan and paid staffer Gary Dumas read from prepared statements and refused to take questions about their purge. Neither claimed that Commissioner Clark was not qualified, dedicated, or always in attendance. They just wanted her gone because she didn't always roll over for Developer Dan's employees or business backers.

Mayor Coody was supported in the City Hall Putsch by Bobby Ferrell, Robert Rhodes, and Adella Gray. They voted against reappointing Clark, then voted against overriding Coody's veto. No surprise on the votes of Ward Three corporate apologists Ferrell and Rhodes. Some had hoped that Ward 1 Alderman Gray was not a Coody puppet, but she removed all doubt about that. Score one for the developers and for the bigots who don't want assertive women speaking their mind or being honest about their lifestyle.

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