Saturday, March 24, 2007

Developer Double-Talkers

Did anyone catch the Northwest Arkansas Times last weekend blowing nonsense both ways? On Saturday they ran an article about how the Fayetteville Metropolitan Statistical Area was ranked No. 1 among Best Places where the cost of living is low and jobs are plentiful. Mayor Dan Coody and Fayetteville Economic Development guy Steve Rust gushed about how Fayetteville was doing everything right on quality of life issues. Then the very next day, Editor Greg Harton writes a convoluted column crying that Fayetteville is on the wrong track. He quotes Alderman Bobby Ferrell and Economic Development guy Steve Rust about how awful Fayetteville is for not letting businesses and developers do whatever they want and for caring too much about the quality of life. Go figure. Rust should get his story straight. Harton should read his own newspaper.

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