Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mayor Coody Wants to Raise Your Taxes - Again

Fayetteville Mayor Dan Coody has once again come out for raising taxes on citizens who are not responsible for the problem. Last year, he backed raising the sales tax to pay for his multi-million dollar cost overrun on the new sewer treatment plant. Now he wants to raise the real estate transfer tax on existing homes to pay for developer sprawl.

Developer Dan is against asking his developer buddies to pay a road impact fee to cover the cost of new streets caused by their speculation on the edge of town. He says that would be too much of a burden on developers, so he wants people who sell existing homes to pay higher taxes to relieve the big developers of paying their fair share.

Developer Dan says that impact fees will stifle growth of the city. That's pure BS. Bentonville has much higher impact fees than Fayetteville, and it is growing faster than Fayetteville. Developer Dan should quit lying about impact fees and just admit that he wants us to pay more in taxes to subsidize the profits of his developer buddies who are creating the problem.

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