Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sex Discrimination in UA Faculty Salaries?

The Northwest Arkansas Times reports today that the employee union at the University of Arkansas is whining about the fact that women faculty members are paid less than male professors. The union sent a letter to Chancellor John White asking him why women were paid less than men, who approved those salaries, and why the salary gap is getting even worse on his watch--men make an average of $11,000 more annually for recent hires.

White was "unavailable" to comment when the reporter called him, but the call was shuffled off to Provost Bob Smith. Smith's explanation was laughable. Sideshow Bob said, "It may be something we have as baggage from the past." Right, Bob. That sure explains why the salary gap for women is worse this year than last, or why it is greatest at the Assistant Professor level where all of the faculty have been hired since 2000.

Why don't the UA Board and Administration, mostly rich white guys, just admit that they pay men more than women because that's what they've always done and the way they think it should be? Instead of pretending that they actually care about sex discrimination, why don't they just tell the press, the union, and the women faculty to STFU? No one any longer expects a straight answer from them anyway, and no one expects them to get the idea of equal pay for women.

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