Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mayor John Gray: Courage and Common Sense

In a time when Rogers Mayor Steve Womack is whipping up fears against Hispanic residents and Fayetteville Mayor Dan Coody is flip-flopping on every important issue, it is refreshing to see a public official speaking truth and taking a stand for the right thing. An editorial in today's Northwest Arkansas Times praises the courage and common sense of Greenland Mayor John Gray, pointing out that he has championed a moratorium on new subdivisions until Greenland can update its master land use plan and has raised concerns about inadequate wastewater treatment in some proposed developments.

He chose to take a course that he felt would protect the future of his town. ...So far he’s come out smelling like a rose — and all because he followed the common-sense course. It counts that Gray had nerve enough to say something that could be detrimental to the city’s economy, at least in the short term. Gray has managed to make his first real difference as mayor. He helped convince all the city’s aldermen to temporarily put a freeze on some development until key issues get worked out. Gray’s right, too: We ought to care at least as much about the future as we do about the present. ...We appreciate that Greenland officials are not blinded to the potential for long-term damage if good, solid planning doesn’t happen today."

The big city mayors to the north could learn something from John Gray.

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