Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Live Forum on Road Impact Fees

Perhaps you've experienced the traffic congestion resulting from population growth in Fayetteville as residents of outlying subdivisions make their way to work, school, or shopping. Maybe you think we need road improvements to handle all this traffic resulting from growth and development? Maybe you wonder how we will pay for the new infrastructure, or just wonder how the city government will stick to the taxpayers this time?

The Fayetteville Government Channel (Channel 16 on Cox Fayetteville) will present a live forum on the topic, "Who Pays for Fayetteville's Street Improvements and Public Infrastructure?" The easy answer is--you do, every time you buy groceries or anything else, because we are paying a regressive sales tax to pay off over $60 million in bonds to make up for past mistakes and unbridled development.

The real question to be discussed is "Should the Developers Keep Getting a Free Ride or Start Paying Their FAIR SHARE with Road Impact Fees?"

Tune in at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 4th, to watch the discussion. Kyle Kellams, KUAF Radio Host and News Director, will be the moderator. You can also ask questions and make comments during the forum by calling 575-8299 or emailing: governmentchannel@yahoo.com

If you are a registered voter in Fayetteville, you get to decide. The election on Road Impact Fees is on April 10th.

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