Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chickenopolis Cowbirds

Sometime while we were on vacation in Branson, the FOI Springdale website became FOI Springdale Blog. It is a prime example of why local Cowbirds need to be held accountable. In this case, we get a good picture of what is going on in every Chamber of Commerce that is nurtured with tax dollars by local governments that have the impossible dream of new jobs and the fateful fiction that Cowbirds can make those happen.

In most instances, only the Chamber officers and employees know about the wasteful and self-indulgent spending sprees. The Springdale Cowbirds were so arrogant that they just dumped the taxpayers' hundred thousand dollars plus into the same slush account they used for entertaining themselves and their friends. We wrote about it here a few times, but FOI Springdale does it so much better.

Enjoy the revelations while you can. Perry Webb learned his lesson and will keep the public funds in a separate account, making sure that all of his other questionable expenses and personal travel splurges remain hidden from citizens making Freedom of Information requests. What he will not be able to hide any longer, if anyone bothers to do the math, is what a poor investment the city council and the advertising and promotion commission have made and continue to make. It is a very poor return on their investment of taxpayers hard earned money.

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