Friday, October 16, 2009

Skoch on the Rocks?

The Fayettevillage Voice has a nice post today about where John Boozman's getting his campaign cash, scooping the local media and lazy bloggers. In an attempt to recover, I'll take a peek at the FEC report filed by Bernard Kurt "Bernie" Skoch, Boozman's opponent in the upcoming Republican Primary in May. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette mentioned his totals and that he had contributed $1,238 to his own campaign, but that's about the depth of the Mainstream Corporate Media effort to seek and share.

Skoch received a total of $11,969 in contributions and has $8,101 cash on hand. By comparison, Boodler Boozman has raked in $195,256 from his grateful benefactors and is sitting on $305,856 in his petty cash drawer. There are other differences as well. More than half of Boozman's contributions come from corporate political action committees like Wal-mart, Arvest, Tyson's, Entergy, real estate groups, and bankers who are living large, but Bernie Skoch has not taken a dime from the PACs. Maybe they didn't offer him a swig of the addictive elixir, but still he has clean hands on that account.

Boozman contributions from individuals shows him the witting tool of rich doctors and a couple of lawyers. Skoch is more diversified. Patsy Wootton of Springdale is his sugar momma, reporting in at $2,400 so far. Other contributors include Robert Barton of Rogers ($1,000), Patricia McClintock of West Fork ($500), Springdale Lawyer William Varner ($498), Bella Vista Real Estate Saleswoman Kay Strickland ($250), Walter Van Horn of Fayetteville ($250), and Deborah Quinn of Fayetteville ($213).

It is safe to say that Boozman can outspend Skoch and will. If there is to be an upset, it will be because the retired general from Elkins can mobilize active support from veterans and Teabaggers to overcome Boozman's corporate sponsors and their obedient employees in the 12-county district. Looks like a very long shot.


  1. Jonah, is there an email address where I can email you about something local going on with a developer?

  2. If Jonah doesn't answer, please share the facts with me.

  3. Anyone have an explanation of why Lessie's Fayettevillage Voice has been showing only the most recent post and nothing else this week? Are bloggers being kidnapped or something?

  4. At the moment, as all week, ten posts-- back to "Town Hall Tradition" of Monday 28 September-- are visible on the main blog page. With the exception of the temporary unavailability of a couple of posts in the wee hours of this morning, I have been able to read the comments for all of them. All those anonymous comments...

  5. Maybe just macs aren't opening it. I checked with another mac owner who actually first reported Lessie's blog wasn't opening up but one page and he said he still can't get it all either.
    So it isn't just my computer.

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