Monday, October 5, 2009

Blanche and Boozman Should Have Abstained

Last week, Blanche Lincoln was the deciding vote when the Senate Finance Committee voted 12-11 to approve an amendment to provide millions of dollars to fund abstinence-only sex education programs. The amendment, sponsored by Senator Orin Hatch (R-UT), would allocate $50 million per year for such programs through 2014. Federal bureaucrats do not conduct these no-nookie programs; the government gives the money to local non-profit groups to spend, despite documented evidence that the programs spread inaccurate information and are proven ineffective. That is, they do not work.

One such purveyor of abstinence-only hokum is a Lowell-based outfit called Reality Check. It claims to work with John Brown University, Northwest Arkansas Community College, the Boys and Girls Club, First Tee, Youth Bridge, Springdale School District, and the Rogers School District to share its message of birth control by just saying no to sex. Despite spending millions of dollars on this message, Arkansas ranks fourth in the nation in the number of teen births per capita. It ignores the fact that contraception works. Reality Check is a subsidiary of Tree of Life Preventative Health Maintenance, Inc., a faith-based organization that, according to its website, works under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Here's one reason that Reality Check's services might not work. Tobias Patrick Lyons, a former employee of the private nonprofit, was arrested Friday for sexual indecency with a child after he admitted texting a 14-year-old girl to ask for sex and asking another minor female to send him nude photographs of herself, which she sent to his cell phone. He is facing up to six years in prison for a Class D felony.

Just two years ago, our local Congressman John Boozman (R-Dark Ages) said, “I am a strong supporter of abstinence education, and I am glad to see Reality Check taking a leadership role in providing this type of learning to our youth, This money represents an investment in the future of our children and in the ‘positive life choices’ that are part of Reality Check’s mission.”

Senator Lincoln and Congressman Boozman should think on these things whenever they go spouting off about how lucky we are that they funneled $532,509 of our tax dollars in a grant to Reality Check of Lowell for programs that not only don't work but make matters worse.


  1. Is this the same yahoo who said his expertise as a glasses fitter allowed him to discover the "invisible shield" that prevented rape victims from getting pregnant?

  2. Sure wish they'd practice what they preach and STOP SCREWING US!!!

  3. Yet the government doesn't have enough sense to administer student loans...

  4. If President Obama has to own ACORN, then Blanche and Boozman have to admit guilt for giving our tax dollars to the pedophile pervert at Reality Check.

  5. .

    Hey, let's not be too hard on...wait..

    let's not too rough on Tobias Patrick Lyons.

    He may grown into someone signficant and strike up a
    meaningful relationship with, say, a mule and be on FOX News.

    Or he could go on to make something of his life as these fellows did.

    Then he could lead a Values Voter Summit.


  6. "This money represents an investment in the future of our children and in the ‘positive life choices’ that are part of Reality Check’s mission.”

    Dear John,
    "This money" represents one thing and ONE THING only,

    You see John, you enjoy some SOCIALISM as much as any Welfare Queen Richard Nixon could beat up.

  7. See any familiar GOP names here?

    Corporation Name REALITY CHECK, INC.
    Filing Type Nonprofit Corporation
    Status Good Standing
    Date Filed 03/09/2005
    GARY CARNAHAN , Incorporator/Organizer
    STEVE JARNAGAN , Incorporator/Organizer
    LARRY TALLEY , Incorporator/Organizer
    RANDY BRYANT , Incorporator/Organizer
    TIM KECK , Incorporator/Organizer

  8. See any familiar GOP names here?"

    I'm not privy to any GOP lists but I do see FIVE
    Fellers who are having them a good dose of.........


  9. A search of FEC records shows contributions to Fay Boozman, Tim Hutchinson, and Fred Thompson, but nothing to Blanche Lincoln.

  10. Had these people's ancestors abstained, we wouldn't suffer with them with.

  11. Reality Check Inc. of Lowell, AR is not affiliated with Tree of Life in any way. Reality check inc. is a community based non profit organization not a religious based organization. Tree of life only has one program called reality check where as reality check Inc. is an actually community based non-profit organization. They are entirely different and in no way connected.

  12. We need to send both of them packing in the next election. Too bad we can't get them recalled.

    Enough is enough.

  13. .

    We need to send both of them packing in the next election. Too bad we can't get them recalled."

    Great. Since both are well-armed with OPM get out your checkbook. We noted that Sen Mz.Blanche received $386K from Big Healthcare we figure we need to raise $387K to buy her back. It's like an auction ya know.

    On Boozer you can get behind the campaign of David Whitaker, Big Time!

  14. You could also express your disgust with our OnePartySystem and vote Green Party. Arkansas puts up some very good GP candidates. Any Dem you elect will almost surely be corrupted by the corporate stranglehold on the Nat'l Democratic Party machine.

  15. I might vote for John Gray for U.S. Senate, but the GP is going to have to do a lot better than Abel Tomlinson to be taken seriously in a race that includes an impressive Democratic candidate like David Whitaker.

  16. What's so impressive about Whitaker. He served the Coody admin. That's about all most of us know.

  17. I know I have made some mistakes and said things I probably shouldn't have in the past, but I am always trying to improve and be open to intrapersonal evolution. As for being a good candidate, I think I am. I have something that over 80% of our Congress, and Whitaker as well, don't have...intense courage and conviction to save our country from corporatocratic plutocracy. Right now, the people are not in charge. The medical-insurance-drug complex, the banking-finance complex, the war complex, and the fossil fuel complex and more specifically their multimillionaire corporate owners fund the elections for nearly all our "leaders", bribing and corrupting them. I have the courage to take them on like Dennis Kucinich. Speaking of leaders, I was thinking that when I run, I will announce that I am running as a leader and not a politician=professional liar. From what I have witnessed Whitaker will be another politician. He will put party interests and personal interests over the public interest. He will very likely be another politician that will blow with the winds of short-term political "wins", and sacrifice long-term public interest.