Monday, December 13, 2010

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Authority or Else

Benton County loves law and order. Last January, Bella Vista Officer Coleman Brackney shot and killed James Ahern after Ahern's car crashed. Brackney had been chasing Ahern for speeding before he shot Ahern six times, but his account of the incident was contradicted by the dash cam. Eventually, Brackney pled guilty to a misdemeanor for killing Ahern and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Now another video is making the rounds and letting the public see how Benton County Deputy Sheriff Dana Winn interrogated and arrested local citizen John Lewis. Mr. Lewis recorded the incident at his home that involved Winn demanding respect and arresting Lewis for "obstructing government operations."

The ACLU doesn't much like what it saw on the video, and Benton County residents don't much like the ACLU. This must make them uncomfortable. They will be even more uncomfortable after Mr. Lewis and his attorney, Doug Norwood, win a lawsuit and collect big damages for the violation of Mr. Lewis's constitutional rights.


  1. .

    Now that Mac-A-Doodles has opened in Chickenopolis and
    Arkansas has a lottery there is no need to venture into or across Benton County. We stay away.

    Mac's sells Dox XX for $1 less than Wally. Ark Lottery has fewer players and hence better odds than Missouri.
    It's a win-win when we stay away from Benton County, no stray police bullets striking us in the head mistakenly or getting blown away with a shotgun while laying on the pavement as ordered.


  2. I respect authority. It's some of the cops that I have problems with.

  3. I stand accused by my friends of being a raving lunatic.
    But after carefully investigating myself, I find that whatever I say or do is perfectly sane because I am the one doing it.
    That makes me a complete asshole, but that will have to wait for a whole other investigation.