Thursday, June 17, 2010

"When the going gets weird . . ."

Tomorrow they are having the Fifth Annual Paranormal Explorations Transformation Conference 2010 in Benton County. It is certainly a target-rich environment and an excellent choice for such a gathering. Paranormal Mayor Womack should be the Keynote Speaker and take full credit for hosting this signature event in his city.

This is the place to be if you want to explore UFOs, Nostradamus, Birthers, Republicans, and Tabaash Salaam Mahyam, channeled from Sumeria in 5,000 BC. Nothing unusual, really.


  1. Really-- the Crescent Hotel has been done to death. I've seen its ghost.

  2. Steve Womack should be careful about cavorting with those illegal aliens from Sumeria and Hale-Bopp. His grip-and-grin publicity photos could end up on the cover of the National Enquirer, causing him to threaten another frivolous lawsuit.

  3. Hey, everyone is entitled to their own path to god and redemption. What's yours Jonah? This is America and what better testament to freedom of religion than a good psychic soul cleansing at bargain basement prices plus a friendly chat with Nostradamus, most honored surgeon to Medieval royalty.

    Let's face it Jonah. You and I both know the type of religion that plays strong in Benton County, plus Huckabuck's version with Armanie Ronnie standing close by for leftovers. Choose your poison Razorbabies.

    What Ms Cannon has going is profitable if enough libertines show an interest.