Friday, May 7, 2010

Fayetteville's State Representative Race

The only local Democratic Primary race in town is that between Greg Leding and Bill Ramsey to replace State Representative Lindsley Smith and represent Fayetteville's House District 92, which includes Dickson Street and the University of Arkansas. You can check out the candidate websites linked above to see how they are presenting themselves, and the League of Women Voters conducted interviews that are available online.

Here is the Northwest Arkansas Times overview of the race. I kept hoping that the Fayetteville Flyer would run those cool personal and political interviews like they did for the mayor's race in 2008, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Anyway, you'll have to look a bit further to see what the public thinks of them. Birds of a Feather Analytics are sometimes helpful in getting beyond the images created by the ad agencies.

Using the convenient Ballot Bucks website created by the folks at Ozarks Unbound and snooping around the online media outlets, here are the candidate composites that emerge for the two candidates. You can make your own choice about which one you think will represent your interests and our community in the state legislature.


Northwest Arkansas Times
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Arkansas Oil Marketers Association PAC
Arkansas Bankers Association PAC
Southwestern Electric Power Company PAC
Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce PAC
Don Tyson
Dr. Bobby New
Jim Lindsey


Arkansas Education Association
Arkansas Sierra Club
Northwest Arkansas Labor Council

Representative Lindsley Smith
Senator Sue Madison
Representative Monty Davenport
Susana O'Daniel
Dr. Hershey Garner
Karon Reese


  1. Can someone get a response from Mark Henry(mate of Courtney) and Morris Henry, Md why both of them are donating to Ramsey's campaign?

    What do they owe Ramsey and why?

  2. Mr. Ramsey pimped, I mean first in line at City Council meetings, for EVERY dang subdivision, hotel, and monstrosity coughed up by our visionary developer/banker/mayoral elites. This is his true *focus on Festerville*.
    And yet the current wasteland of the suburbs was all due to those convenient (market) *forces beyond our control*.
    F the invisible hand. We have visible hands locally and they all have names.

  3. Ramsey was a big booster for the TIF District that gave us the Hole in the ground, he wanted another TIF for development out by the mall, he touted the Divinity Hotel fiasco, and he campaigned to move the High School out west of town on Deane Solomon Road. He would be terrible in the legislature, and my whole family will be voting for Greg Leding.

  4. If this election can be bought with corporate and outside money then Bill Ramsey will win in a walk.

  5. Greg may very well be the most inept campaigner I've ever seen.

    That said, he got my vote, but through no actions of his own.


    1. Creation Science: Bill Ramsey is a proud Baptist, and he supported legislation to require teaching the Biblical version of Creation Science in any Arkansas public school course that mentioned the theory of evolution (Act 590).

    2. Against the Gay Agenda: As a member of the legislature, Bill spoke out and voted to kill a wasteful $8,000 Health Department grant to the Arkansas AIDS Foundation for an education program.

    3. Gun Rights: Bill sponsored HB 1201 a National Rifle Association bill to prohibit Fayetteville and other Arkansas cities from enacting any ordinances that restrict handgun use and ownership.

    4. Effective Drug Laws: During his 18 years in the Arkansas legislature, Bill voted for every bill to increase penalties for marijuana and other illegal drugs. Criminals belong in jail.

    5. Pro-Business: Bill has been an outspoken critic of Fayetteville’s sign ordinance that bans billboards and flashing business signs. He will reduce regulations that hurt business.

    6. Mature Judgment: Bill is 75 years old and has the life experience to make good decisions in the legislature. His opponent is only 32 years old and has no business experience.

    7. Experience: Bill served in the House from 1973 to 1990. He was also a Registered Lobbyist during the 20 years since he left office. He has the connections and knows how the system works.

    8. Coal Plants. Bill is on record before the Public Service Commission advocating approval of another coal-fired generator in Arkansas for energy and jobs. His opponent is against it.

    9. Contributions: Bill has raised over five times as much money as his opponent. Generous support from Walmart, Tyson, Jim Lindsey, Stephens, Inc, and the leading utility companies is a testament to his support by top business leaders statewide.

    10. Bi-partisan. As Chamber of Commerce president and a legislator, Bill developed close relationships with many Republican members. He will be able to work effectively as part of a team with Republican legislators from Northwest Arkansas.

  7. FOB--

    I like the way you've used irony to make it clear that Bill Ramsey should not be elected. Thank you.

    It's a shame that the people who would vote for him are probably unable to recognize irony.

  8. Yeah, maybe there are better choices than Ramsey, but Leding sure isn't it. He will make Fayetteville a laughing stock in the legislature.

  9. Here's the League of Women Voters sponsored debate of April 23 between Greg and Ramsey.

    click here.