Sunday, April 18, 2010

Astroturf Politics from Another Planet

There is a bunch of wingnuts calling themselves Secure Arkansas and claiming to be "a grassroots organization" dedicated to making damn sure that no Mexicans get anything but a raw deal in Arkansas. The Third District coordinators are Jack and Jan Lea in Rogers. Dawn Harpell of Bella Vista, Kevin Connor of Rogers, and Joyce Loftis of Bentonville are the Benton County cell coordinators, and the Washington County klavern is headed up by Teabaggers Christine Keller and Jim Laubler. The Madison County bunker is staffed by Linda Vandiver, owner of the Faubus Motel that hoisted the Confederate Battle Flag after Obama's victory.

If you ever had any notion that this gaggle was mainstream, let their own Tea Party Straw Poll of over 1,000 people who attended their rallies this week clear your mind. In the Governor's race, they voted 94% for Jim Keet to Mike Beebe's 6%. In the Lt. Governor's race, Democrat Shane Broadway also got 6%. I would be willing to wager the farm that both Beebe and Broadway waltz into office with clear majorities among the more sane voters in the general election. Their little poll also had Republican Mark Martin of Prairie Grove thumping Democrat Pat O'Brien by 95% to 3%. For Land Commissioner, Republican John Thurston, whom I've never heard of before, getting 98% and Democrat Monty Davenport getting less that 1%. Attorney General Dustin McDaniel was given a 95% disapproval rating.

The Third District Congressional race is another example of the disconnect with reality. Among those running in the Republican Primary, the Secure Teabaggers favored Bernie Skoch and Mike Moore tied at 23% each, while Rogers Mayor and Mexican Hunter Steve Womack had only 3%. In the Fourth District, Mike Ross was favored by 4%. No Democratic cendidate in the Second District broke 1%. It was about the same story in the First District with Republican Rick Crawford picked by 81% to 17% for Republican Princella Smith.

The ranking of United States Senate candidates was the only surprise, with Bailout John Boozman leading with 27%, just ahead of Jim Holt at 23%. None of the Democrats broke the 1% barrier.

I can think of nothing clever to say that would be any funnier than the raw numbers in this poll.


  1. Crazy and angry is a bad combination. How can you take seriously anything this group supports? They are goofier than Abel Tomlinson.

  2. U.S. immigration policy has always ebbed and flowed with the level of our economy. This is not the first time we've seen public outrage about messicuns coming here for a better life, a full time job or two. We've grown accustomed to calling on our brown-skinned neighbors in boon times and shunting them after Republicons wreck the economy.

    But now that Chickenopolis has grown to become bi-lingual what's an Arkie redneck to do? Just a few days ago I had the pleasure of opening a water/sewer account in Springdale for a new house and a Hispanic woman, who spoke 'broken English' was my clerk.

    All of this is no accident. Blame it on chickens or America's love of all cheap meats. It was 1987 when still a resident of Fayettvillage that I chatted with a new neighbor, an engineer with Chicken King, and learned that Chicken King was importing help because they could not find enough locally. He assured me there were not enough people willing to pluck, gut and cut up chickens for $5.00 per hour so they were bringing in outside help. They had no choice according to the engineer neighbor. He was proud Chicken King offered them insurance after 6 months of plucking, cutting and gutting provided they didn't engage in youyin talk.

    Springdale, and later Rogers, opened their doors and opened their arms. Springdale boasts little Mexicos all over the place. Entire areas are Mexican owned-homes, bakeries, tire shops, restaurants in bright, living colors. We even have Hispanic policemen and women. The once redneck palace, Parsons Livstock Auction and Rodeo Stadium, now hosts Cinco de Maya and the music is grande! Parsons family won't turn down a good weekend rental.

    Now you won't find many Springdale apartment owners who subscribe to Secure Arkansas. No siree. No obstruction of trade there. Rents is rents.

    Meanwhile the old timers just seethe, the kids who graduated Springdale High 20 years ago really seethe.
    Like a bawling Glen Beck, they want their country back! Hey, Chicken King beat you to it. Can't stop progress or profits.

    If you want to see some seething just just click here for the main attraction in Springdale last Saturday. The Republicon Congressional debate.
    Quite a paradox, Springdale. Home to Jesus Jim Holt and THE major immigrant employers. Holt you recall wants to deny medical access to illegal children or children of illegals, all in the name of Jesus, of course. Btw, there was a Republic US Senatorial debate in Springdale last Saturday too which I watched on the television. Now that one had some real messicun bashing being as only one was a local boy.
    Boozman has been 'light' on immigration ya know cause there's one thing John understands it's who butters his bread.

    However in the Congressional 'debate' there was mention of 'sanctions' on employers who hire illegalies. Not much mention ya know, but enough to get a vote or two. One candidate, from Springdale, said before you sanction an employer you MUST know that said employer KNOWINGLY hired an illegal. Proof of facts ya know. All things kept legal, and difficult.

    In about 20 yrs Hispanics will be the majority in Chickenopolis. They love buying homes and cars, shopping at Walmart and are copying the best of American capitalism by opening their own pawn shops, two of them to date.

    That's the report from Shiloh town for today.
    Vaya con dios.


  3. I remember as a kid seeing "migrant worker" housing around Springdale, which I assume was for the traveling apple and strawberry pickers when they couldn't get enough locals to pick for those wages. I understand that. Having picked strawberries for 2 cents a quart, I quickly dismissed that as a lifetime career, but the apple and strawberry markets have gone the way of the returnable pop bottle. All of this is a long way of asking whether anyone recalls resentment toward migrant workers and the education of their children anything like the response today?

  4. If I remember correctly, in the good old days, most of those migrant workers had the decency to be white. So my answer to your question is, "No."

  5. Looks like ole Bill Ramsey, running as Dem in Fayetteville, supports Secure Arkansas and the tea baggers. Look at his answer to question 6 on the gay-hating Family Council website:

  6. Looks like Greg had the good sense not to take Secure Arkansas' poll. That's one more reason I'm glad I contributed. Wonder how many members Secure Ark has in District 92 located in the heart of Fayetteville?

    Notice their entire lack of ethics. Instead of just stating Greg did not take their survey they list each question as he refused to respond.

  7. I guess if you people actually paid any income tax, you might feel better about the patriotic Tea Partiers. Nice, kind group that picked up their trash. A credit to Fayetteville.

  8. You know A-6:24, Allan Ginsberg, the old hippie poet, taught everyone to pick up their trash back in the 60s.
    I looked over the concert grounds after 10,000 attended a rock concert where Ginsberg read poetry and did not see a roach, gum wrapper, can or bottle. Nothing.

    As someone who has paid taxes since 1964 thru 2006 I don't know where you get off thinking your clicke is the only tax-paying segment of our society. I know at least 5 physicians who earn in the high six figures every year and are still liberal Demos. I know 3 retired CPAs who are still Demos to the bone. They realize which party has been best for the U.S. economy, not just a handful of super wealthy people who think their taxes should be lower than anyone else's. My money says you are far from being in the group of privileged who gain most of their income via capital trades...taxed at 15%.

    As far as T'baggers being the leading taxpayers you may wish to check out which group, Red States (T'baggers) or Blue States (Libs), actually pay the bills in this country. You will find the Blue States carrying the tax load while Red States are mostly welfare states, especially the former Slave States where T'baggers are abundant and Alaska, the biggest T'bagging and Welfare State in the Union.

    Btw, which recent Gov of Alaska raised taxes more than any other Gov of Alaska in the past 60 years?

    Which Gov of Texas was the first to introduce formal government "death panels?"

    If picking up your own trash is all you got going for you perhaps you need to find another barrel bottom to scrape.

  9. So I was right. Big surprise. You don't pay income tax. You are the problem. Tea Party people pay the taxes. You are a burden to us all.

  10. Yippers, you are right, I worked saved, invested and now I'm retired and don't pay taxes.

    How many years you paid taxes A-8:06 ?

  11. Also, ask around TeaPartyers and see how many are on Medicare/Medical. Socialized medicine that I've paid into and am not allowed the benefits of.
    Maybe the TeaPartyers would have more credibility if they all FIRST took themselves off the government entitlements they want no one else to have.