Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Laurie Masterson Endorses Blanche Lincoln

Laurie Taylor Masterson, erstwhile bookbanner and wife of propagandist Mike Masterson, caught her breath today and took a short break from screeching about "Obama's radical agenda" and trying to get SFret Jim all fired up about the socialistic plot to build a new high school in Elkins. It appears that the Iconoclast has the scoop on this, because it is not yet moving on the wires or the internets.

Laurie Masterson endorsed Senator Blank Lincoln. She urged her Teabagger brigade to abandon Jim Holt's Senate campaign and General Skotch's race for Congress and to crossover to vote in the Democratic Primary. “ is funneling millions of $$ to Bill Halter, along with other very liberal organizations," she informed her Facebook Friends, then issued the clarion directive, "It will be incumbent on the ppl of Arkansas to make sure that our voters know he SUPPORTS - Cap and Trade, Governement [sic] Healthcare, Unionization of the state and government intervention on all levels.~ Please have these conversations with your friends, family and neighbors. And VOTE May 18th!!!”

Now, I could be wrong on this. She could have been urging her cult followers to vote for D. C. Morrison. She has done stranger things.

Fine, Laurie, if you want to send the nutters in to get a Democratic ballot and try to stop Lt. Governor Halter. Bring it on. But be prepared for your gaggle to be arrested when they try to vote in the Republican runoffs for Jesus Jim Holt and Steve Womack. It is a crime to vote in one party's primary and another's runoff.


  1. There's good reason for Democrats to worry if carpetbagging, lottery-loving, far-left progressive Bill Halter beats Blanche Lincoln in the primary. Laurie's Tea Baggers won't save Lincoln's fence-straddling ass. They will vote GOP.

    More importantly, many moderate Democrats and independents who would prefer Blanche over Boozman in November will vote in the Republican primary because they can vote in both the US House and Senate races.

    This crossover vote could tip the scales for Halter. That's bad news for Democrats because Halter can't win in November.

    Conventional wisdom says that Boozman is a shoe-in for the nomination because of name recognition, fund-raising and experience, but Massachusetts proved nothing is a sure thing this year. Voters are pissed and it's possible that Boozman could get swept out in an anti-incumbent tide.

    But don't bet on it because the field is too deep and when that happens, name recognition kicks in.

    Boozman seems like a nice guy, just not very bright. His brother couldn't beat Blanche, but her health care vote may put John in the US Senate.

  2. C.H., there is little reason for Democrats to worry if Blanche gets beat in either the primary or the general election. Only the corporate welfare planter class will be able to tell any difference between Lincoln and Boozman, as they will lose an Ag Committee chair to an ineffective knot.

  3. Scotch is no general. He’s retired, a civilian now and benefiting from the largess of the ‘socialist’ government controlled dole he and his fellow Tea Bag Patriot loons love to rail against. He and his kind complain about the ‘socialist’ government controlled healthcare but old Bernie enjoys all the benefits of the ‘socialized’ government controlled healthcare through is ‘socialist’ military retirement. He and his crowd say they are concerned about this country’s deficit but they said nary a word in protest for eight years as the Republican controlled government under Bush added 450,000 new positions to the Federal government and spent 17 Billion a month of ‘off the books, unfunded money’ to prosecute an illegal and unjustified war in Iraq and sat idly by while barriers were lifted allowing Wall Street, corporations and banks to steal and gamble with the people’s money; thus setting the stage for the mess this country is in now. Hypocrisy sticks to Scotch like stink to a pile of feces.

  4. If CH is right about this trojan horse endorsement, its an astute strategic move. I thought the tea baggers were a dense bunch pretty much incapable of this sort of Rove-ian move.

  5. You mean to tell me that American citizens cannot vote in both party primaries on May 18? What a gyp.

  6. Massachusetts proved nothing is a sure thing this year.

    Massachusetts Senatorial election proved everything.

    1. It proved that Scott the Coverboy never mentioned in his ads or in his victory speech that he was a Republi-con. The T'bagger candidate lost in Mass.

    2. It proved that Scott got the same number of votes
    as McCain rec'd in the '08 election in Mass. Demos did not rally their base.

    3. It proved that the Demo candidate did not get out and campaign until way too late.

    4. It proved that Club for Growth and numerous other special interest groups poured millions in the CoverBoys campaign the last month of the election. Remember, America is an economy-market, not a culture. Everything is for sale.


  7. Great news for Halter. The fact that the Tea Party is endorsing Blanche says it all. Laurie is recognizing that Democrats have already known for a while.

    Lincoln is a tool of big corporations and the rich -- the same people that run the Tea Party. It makes a lot of sense for them to join forces in screwing working men, women and families.

  8. Designated Human. You gotta love it.

    Corporation Running for Congress

    On Saturday, the Washington Post published a front-page story about the corporation Murray Hill running for Congress: "After the Supreme Court declared that corporations have the same rights as individuals when it comes to funding political campaigns, the self-described progressive firm took what it considers the next logical step: declaring for office.

    "'Until now, corporate interests had to rely on campaign contributions and influence-peddling to achieve their goals in Washington,' the candidate, who was unavailable for an interview, said in a statement. 'But thanks to an enlightened Supreme Court, now we can eliminate the middle-man and run for office ourselves.'

    "William Klein, a 'hired gun' who has been enlisted as Murray Hill's campaign manager, said the firm appears to be the first 'corporate person' to run for office and is promising a spirited campaign that 'puts people second, or even third.'"

    Klein is Murray Hill's campaign manager; Hensal is its "designated human" representative.

  9. Slow blog day? Take one of her 100 tweets a day and make it say something it doesn't? Are you retarded or stupid? lol
    The post goes on to talk about gambling and winnings being tax deductible. There is not one word of "crossing over" in there!
    But please, keep the lies up. It helps us remember that you are insane (or stupid) and desperate.

  10. This is Laurie Masterson and I do not endorse Blanche Lincoln nor Bill Halter,nor Steve Womack nor Jim Holt as a matter of fact I have not personally endoresed anyone, next time please read the entire post and not just those facts you would like to see~